Mary Nguyen

Phone: 647-393-6327
Toll Free: 866-451-4522


Ontario — Durham, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario
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Mary is the Regional Account Manager for Eastern Ontario and brings over 15 years experience in both the Conveyancing and Legal Industry as a Real Estate Law Clerk.

She began her career as Title Searcher and with the dawn of electronic registration, she transitioned to conduct real estate closing transactions for law firms. Her knowledge as a mortgage officer for The Toronto-Dominion bank assisted in her understanding the lending side. She continued her career to work for law firms in Mortgage Enforcement and subsequently freelancing whereby she conducted closings for sole practitioners. She has knowledge of the Conveyancer program and Teraview. She can assist law clerks and lawyers in using Conveyancer to its full capacity which will allow the firms to complete a file in a timely manner.

Mary’s approach is to partner with a firm and help them be more efficient in closing transactions and increase the clientele of a firm. As well. Mary advocates for the legal practitioner and ensures Chicago Title Insurance is offering the coverage lawyers need and ask for, to ensure they understand and manage the risk inherent in residential real estate transactions. The business of conveyancing has changed in the last 30 years and Mary has the perspective to help law firms change with the environment and excel. Mary supports the legal professionals in the Durham, Markham and Stouffville regions.