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Multi-family endorsement helped a client save over $105,000!
Multi-family endorsement helped a client save $105,000!

Multi-family endorsement helped a client save over $105,000!


It’s of utmost importance for lenders and lawyers to ask the right questions when closing a real estate transaction. This helps them ensure the right title insurance coverage for their clients.

For instance, it’s good to know if the property is a duplex, triplex or any type of plex. Does it include basement apartments? Is it a multi-family residence, and so on? If it is the latter, does it require the Multi-Family Endorsement to optimize the coverage afforded under the policy? This is how selecting the correct coverage for a multi-family residence could safeguard the Insureds and validate their claim in the future.

Claim Summary

In July 2018, the Insured acquired the title to their property in Ontario. The Insured was also issued the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy underwritten by the Company.

A year later, they received an Order to Comply from the City related to prior unpermitted construction and renovations resulting from an inspection in May 2019.

The Chicago Title Resolution

Chicago Title determined that the claim fell within the Policy’s Multi-Family Endorsement and accepted the claim. An engineer’s report was ordered, and the company decided to pay the maximum policy amount since there were many things to remedy. Though the policy amount was determined at $90K, the maximum insured amount was $180K. This was because the residential owner contains a standard provision to address the increase in the fair market value of the Land, which compensates an insured owner for a maximum of 200% of the Amount of Insurance for an Actual Loss because of a Covered Risk. Chicago Title obtained an appraisal that valued the property between $95K and $105K. We, therefore, paid the maximum amount of $105K.

Covered Risk

Title insurance protects the insured from losses due to forced removal or remedy existing structures or any part of them – other than boundary walls or fences – because the portion was built without obtaining a required building permit from the proper Governmental Authority.

Title insurance from Chicago Title can provide peace of mind with the knowledge that your client’s interests are fully protected.

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Endorsements further enhance title insurance
Endorsements further enhance title insurance coverage!

Endorsements further enhance title insurance coverage!


Title insurance policies for owners and lenders address many real estate closing needs. However, some property owners or lenders may require a unique endorsement to the standard title insurance policy to cover an identified risk. An endorsement helps so the transaction can close on time and provide coverage should the identified risk require future remedy.

Claim Summary:

In 2017, the Insured purchased a brand-new home from a builder in Quebec. Chicago Title issued an owner’s policy that included an Identified Risk – Enforced Removal Endorsement to cover the insured should the owner of the adjacent property require the enforced removal of part of the interlocking paving stone driveway encroached onto the neighbouring property.

Two years later, in 2019, the neighbouring property owner sent a letter to the Insured requiring the prompt removal of the interlocking paving stones encroaching onto his property.

The Chicago Title Resolution:

The Company accepted the Insured’s tender of defence. The claim was covered under the Identified Risk – Enforced Removal Endorsement included in the owner’s policy. The issue was settled smoothly, with Chicago Title paying out the amount of $2,299.50 to cover the cost of removing the encroachment.

Title insurance from Chicago Title can provide peace of mind with the knowledge that your client’s interests are fully protected.

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Condo owner impersonations a
Beware! Condo Owner Impersonations are on the Rise!



In a shifting real estate market, criminals are always trying to take advantage and become increasingly sophisticated with their real estate scams, especially condo owner impersonations.

A fraudster impersonated the owner of a unit at the Montreal Canadians Tower, a condominium property in downtown Montreal, Quebec. The fraudster borrowed an amount of $358,995.98 CAD from a Private Lender, which was guaranteed by a first mortgage.

As part of this transaction, the Insured obtained a lender’s policy underwritten by Chicago Title Insurance Company. The fraudster provided a false ID to the notary who transacted the mortgage.

Chicago Title paid $358,995.98 to the insured lender and an additional $31,032.00 CAD in legal fees. The homeowner regained their unencumbered condo unit. Without title insurance, the end of the story would have been very different.

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters

At some point in your life, you will encounter fraudulent activities. It’s not a matter of if; it is only a matter of when.  Fraudsters are an increasing threat worldwide, and it is not restricted to just the real estate industry. What is worrisome is that the criminals have improved their tactics. This is why you need to have a good understanding of how they work and how to spot fraud before it’s too late.

The good news? At Chicago Title, we are proactive at spotting fraud warning signs and at protecting our clients. We have made it our company mission to create processes and safeguard protocols to ensure a fair and accurate real estate transaction each time.

Choose wisely

We continue to increase awareness of fraud trends through educational resources that help lawyers, notaries, their staff and clients. Choose wisely and call us now for your free consultation.

We are here to help. For more information, contact your Regional Manager today!

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