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Please visit our resource library to find order forms, search guidelines and other necessary information.

Ways to order

Conveyancing Platforms

Where available we are integrated into online conveyancing ordering platforms. Simply select Chicago Title when prompted as your Title Insurance provider.


Online ordering through our CTIC Express platform provides you with the fastest and most convenient service.


Complete the appropriate order form provided and fax it along with a copy of the title search and survey (if you have one).

1-866-214-1953 (Ontario — West)
1-877-339-3773 (Quebec — Atlantic)


Our friendly staff (a certified representative for transactions in Québec) will ask a series of questions about the transaction. It will be helpful to have the title search, mortgage instructions, and purchase contract (if applicable) handy to answer the questions.

1-888-868-4853 (Ontario — West)
1-877-849-3113 (Quebec — Atlantic)

Tips to ensure a seamless ordering experience

  • Ensure that all client and entity names are entered accurately.
  • Ensure that all values are inputted accurately in the appropriate fields.
  • Ensure you read all of the questions carefully and provide complete details when requested.
  • Ensure you only complete the relevant questions and fields for your specific transaction.

key documents and information

Issue on Title

  • Copy of the Title
  • Explanation of the issue

Power of Attorney

If the power of attorney was not prepared by a lawyer or a notary, additional information will be required.

Private Lender

  • Copy of the Title
  • Additional questions

Private Sale (No Real Estate Agent)

  • Copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Copy of the Parcel Register

New Home from a builder

  • Copy of the Title
  • Confirmation of an undertaking to readjust for real estate taxes
  • Additional information is required for properties located in Quebec