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Our primary goal is to ensure that you have a smooth and efficient claims experience.

how to submit a claim

You may submit your claim by any of the following means:


We offer online claim submissions and downloadable PDF claim form.


Please email claim forms to


Fax claim forms to: 1-866-420-4713


Chicago Title Insurance Company
Claims Centre
55 Superior Boulevard, Unit 100
Mississauga, ON L5T 2X9

Tips for an efficient claim experience

Please provide a written statement which specifically describes:

  • The facts of your claim
  • The claimed dollar amount of your loss, including the method you used to compute your loss
  • Your contact information

Please provide a copy of your title insurance policy

Please provide all relevant documentation that may serve as the basis of your claim and/or which may substantiate your loss.  Such documents may include any:

  • Lawsuit(s) served upon you
  • Letter(s) from a third party
  • Notice(s) or order(s) issued by a governmental authority
  • Survey(s)
  • Appraisal(s)
  • Work quote(s)
  • Photographs
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement

Please note that upon review of your claim, we may request additional documents that we may need in order to evaluate your claim.

Upon receipt of your claim, the Company will send you an acknowledgment letter advising you of the assigned claim number, and the name and contact information of the claims lawyer assigned to handle your claim.



  • Nature of the claim
  • Your contact information
  • Amount claimed
  • Copy of the transfer/deed
  • Copy of the Statement of Adjustments
  • Copy of the Vendor’s Undertaking to Readjust
  • Copy of tax or water bill showing amount past due
  • Copy of your title insurance policy

Please feel free to contact the assigned claims lawyer at any time with any questions you may have.  Please reference your claim number on all communications with the Company.

important information

  • Chicago Title Insurance Company has assumed all title insurance policies issued by Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company in connection with Canadian real estate property transactions.
  • Any related title insurance claims will be administered in its Chicago Title Insurance Company Claims Centre.
  • Please follow the instructions listed above to submit a claim.

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