Chicago Title Paid $62,000 to Discharge Construction Legal Hypothec Against Condo Unit


In Quebec, Chicago Title insured almost all the owners of a condominium project. After taking possession, to the owners’ dismay, two Construction Legal Hypothec were registered on their titles. It was discovered that the developer had not paid two sub-contractors for their work during the construction of the condominium units.

Construction legal hypothec guarantees full payments to the parties involved in constructing the building.

To make matters worse, the developer declared bankruptcy after the sale. Chicago Title retained counsel to represent the insureds.

How Chicago Title Solved the Construction Legal Hypothec Issue

Chicago Title paid approx. $62K to the sub-contractors to obtain a discharge of their Construction Legal Hypothec against our insureds’ condominium units. It also paid the legal fees for the retained counsel.

Title insurance is an essential form of insurance that provides coverage for future claims or future losses. It safeguards the owner of any real estate property or the insured mortgage lender from title ownership discrepancies. It also protects against overall real estate fraud or the effect of events prior to the acquisition of the property.

Title Insurance from Chicago Title can provide peace of mind with the knowledge that your client’s interests are fully protected.

About Chicago Title:

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