Endorsements further enhance title insurance coverage!


Title insurance policies for owners and lenders address many real estate closing needs. However, some property owners or lenders may require a unique endorsement to the standard title insurance policy to cover an identified risk. An endorsement helps so the transaction can close on time and provide coverage should the identified risk require future remedy.

Claim Summary:

In 2017, the Insured purchased a brand-new home from a builder in Quebec. Chicago Title issued an owner’s policy that included an Identified Risk – Enforced Removal Endorsement to cover the insured should the owner of the adjacent property require the enforced removal of part of the interlocking paving stone driveway encroached onto the neighbouring property.

Two years later, in 2019, the neighbouring property owner sent a letter to the Insured requiring the prompt removal of the interlocking paving stones encroaching onto his property.

The Chicago Title Resolution:

The Company accepted the Insured’s tender of defence. The claim was covered under the Identified Risk – Enforced Removal Endorsement included in the owner’s policy. The issue was settled smoothly, with Chicago Title paying out the amount of $2,299.50 to cover the cost of removing the encroachment.

Title insurance from Chicago Title can provide peace of mind with the knowledge that your client’s interests are fully protected.

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